Preservation from our own strength

By preserving and communicating their rich cultural heritage, the Combined Cathedral Chapter perform numerous social tasks in the field of cultural and educational promotion. However, the chapters activities are largely financed from its own funds. There are also subsidies from the public sector for the chapter budget but no shares in church tax. Since most of the monetary assets were already lost in forced war bonds during the First World War and in the aftermath of inflation, the chapters budget has to be earned anew every year. Besides small proceeds from properties and leases, income from tourism (admissions, cathedral shops) already accounts for more than two thirds of the annual income.

Every donation counts

The independently generated chapter budget only provides the funds for the most important running costs. The diverse projects of the Combined Cathedral Chapter, especially in the area of structural preservation of their outstanding medieval cathedral churches, require many times their own annual income. The chapter can only raise these additional funds through the support of numerous sponsors and private donors. In addition to major projects that need to be supported by strong partners, the Combined Cathedral Chapter also seek donations and sponsorships for the preservation of individual objects such as works of art or precious manuscripts.

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