The Combined Cathedral Chapters

Preservation without Assistance?

Preserving and presenting their rich cultural heritage, the Combined Cathedral Chapters perform numerous social functions that promote culture and education. The foundation finances its activities solely from its own funds, though. Neither government subsidies nor any church tax goes toward the foundation’s budget. Since the majority of its monetary assets were depleted by mandatory war bonds during the First World War and subsequent inflation, the foundation’s budget must be raised anew every year. In addition to low revenues from properties and leases, proceeds from tourism (admission and cathedral shop sales) account for over two-thirds of their annual revenue.

Every Donation Counts

The foundation’s independently raised budget merely provides funds for the most important current expenditures. The annual revenue is only a fraction of the amount needed to support the Combined Cathedral Chapters’ varied projects, above all the conservation of their famous medieval cathedrals. The foundation is only able to raise the necessary additional funds through the support of numerous supporters and private donors. In addition to major projects that have to be supported by generous partners, the Combined Cathedral Chapters also seek donations and sponsorships for the preservation of individual objects such as works of art or precious manuscripts.